360° Board Health Assessment

The health of a board is central to how an organization operates and carries out its mission. At any point in time, board members and senior staff professionals can identify how to maximize their effectiveness through a holistic board health assessment process. In 2021, we set out to help more organizations prioritize and actively build the health of their boards. We piloted our 360° Board Health Assessment in partnership with 100 board members and 23 staff professionals from six organizations across the country. Using our pilot learnings, we developed five nimble 360° Board Health Assessment options to evaluate and maximize the impact of boards in the Jewish communal sector.

360° Board Health Assessment

The 360° Board Health Assessment is our comprehensive and customized tool to evaluate board health and effectiveness. The assessment process leverages quantitative and qualitative data from both board members and senior staff professionals. We summarize the data in our post-assessment report to provide meaningful insights into strengths and growth opportunities. The goal of the assessment is to deliver realistic, actionable recommendations to address board challenges based on each organization’s evolution and priorities.

The Board Health Assessment process was very clarifying, brought the board and CEO together, and offered an opportunity to create conversations that we would not have had otherwise.
Pilot Participant

Board Health Assessment

The Board Health Assessment keeps us very intentional about what we can do together, and reminds us of areas where we can use support.
Pilot Participant

Board Health Assessment

360° Board Health Assessment Options

We recognize that every organization is at a different point in its organizational and board lifecycle. We have created a range of assessment options to help meet organizations wherever they are. Each option features an online survey for board members, personalized interviews with board members and senior staff professionals, and a report of our findings.

  • Strategic Reset

    Strategic Reset is the most in-depth health assessment option. This robust assessment examines 15 core topics that relate to a board’s efficiency and effectiveness. It examines all relevant operational and cultural aspects of the board to identify and leverage strengths and illuminate areas for improvement.

  • Tailored Models

    Tailored Models are designed for organizations that are already familiar with some of their board’s primary areas for growth. These models focus on specific topics to help organizations better understand the roots of challenges and explore how to measurably improve their practices.

    1. Systems & Procedures

      This model examines the foundations of board effectiveness. It audits governance practices, reviews recruitment, onboarding, and offboarding strategies, and analyzes the efficiency and engagement of board/committee meetings and retreats.

    2. Organizational Oversight

      The Organizational Oversight model empowers organizations to review their monitoring and strategic oversight procedures and helps them examine program oversight and evaluation practices. It also addresses the board’s role in fundraising and ensures the use of best practices in financial oversight.

    3. Culture & Relationships

      This one-of-a-kind model imparts deeper insight into culture and relationships – essential components that can either nurture or undermine all other board functions. It explores the culture of the board, draws attention to board development, and examines the health of senior staff professional-board relationships. Moreover, it provides a critical and unique opportunity to identify the role of Jewish values within the work of the board.

  • Annual Self-Assessment

    Annual Self-Assessment is an option for boards that want to regularly monitor their efficacy. It is a benchmarking tool that can be utilized as a stand-alone process or an annual check-point for boards to continually improve their practices. This assessment option invites board members to self-assess their readiness to carry out their individual roles and consider the elements of the board’s performance as a whole.


Please contact us at jillian@boardified.org for more information, or to discuss which option is the best fit for your organization.